Live Streaming of Commencement Ceremonies

Recorded videos of each ceremony are available using the links below.

Friday, June 14

Ceremony Time Location
Division of Graduate Studies 9:30 AM East Field
College Nine 1:30 PM Quarry
Engineering 4:00 PM East Field
College Ten 6:30 PM Quarry

Saturday, June 15

Ceremony Time Location
Porter College 9:00 AM East Field
Kresge College: Part 1
Kresge College: Part 2
11:00 AM Quarry
Stevenson College 1:30 PM East Field
Black Grad 4:00 PM Quarry
Rachel Carson College 6:30 PM East Field

Sunday, June 16

Ceremony Time Location
Crown College 9:00 AM Quarry
Cowell College 11:00 AM East Field
Merrill College 1:30 PM Quarry
Chicanx/Latinx Year End Ceremony 4:00 PM East Field
Oakes College 6:30 PM Quarry