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UCSC social media at the moment

We’re counting down the days till we see each other face to face, but until then you can use our social media channels to reconnect and have some Alumni Weekend fun! Here’s what to do:

  • Instagram and Twitter: Post a selfie (a photo of yourself) with something UCSC related and use the #ucsc hashtag to appear in our stream. 

    We’ll show off these pics at alumni weekend and there will be some selfie spots for you to take  more pictures on our beautiful campus.

  • Facebook Page: See the latest UCSC news and look for some special alumni weekend retro photos that will take you wayyyyyy back. We’ll be doing college shout outs for you to show your Slug pride too!
  • Facebook Group: For those who love alumni weekend as much as we do! Slightly different than our Facebook page because you can join this group for more frequent alumni weekend updates and help us spread the word to encourage fellow Slugs to come. Contests and prizes are in the works for this group!

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